Mend your skin and captivate

What's wrong with focusing on replenishing? Congested skin can’t absorb.

Does it feel like no matter what product you apply, it sits on your skin and doesn’t seem to have any effect? There’s a reason – because congested skin can’t absorb nourishment.

Purify before you replenish.

Cleanly emptying out the pores and exfoliating prepares the skin to be replenished. Mend your approach to skin care by starting with three simple words: purify before replenishing.

Purify first

Build-up of dead skin cells, impurties and clogged pores is the root cause of inflammation and breakouts. Applying creams on top of this build-up will have little effect on your skin troubles - but regularly purifying the skin can prevent iritation and future skin concerns.

Purify the skin

With a powerful combination of Jeju volcanic ash and bentonite clay that draws out and absorbs impurities, dead skin cells, blackheads, and toxins, you can efficiently purify without leaving the skin feeling stripped or dry.

Deep Cleansing!

With Barulab’s Black Clay line, a deep cleansing duo that exfoliates, unclogs pores, and regulates sebum, you can experience instant improvement to your skin’s texture and complexion!

Mending your skin with research-based solutions.

1. Starting with the skin care routine.
2. Rebuilding the skin’s innate strength.
3. Using proven ingredients.
4. With the consumer in mind.
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