Everyday strength that changes the skin and world

ROUND LAB, selects clean raw materials

Deep sea ocean water of Ulleung-island untouched by people. Brich tree sap grown from cool and refreshing Inje, countryside of Korea.

Mugwort grew up in Geomun-island where the clean sea breeze blows. Soybean grown in Jeongseon, where the dawn is cold and clear. ROUND LAB uses natural clean ingredients to create cosmetics that benefits the skin

ROUND LAB, Stressing over your skin

Isn't there a special cosmetic product that your skin wants? ROUND LAB wants healthy ingredients to come into full contact with the skin, and puts down complex and heavy ingredients and considers formulations and ingredients that can contain the effect.

ROUND LAB, aim for better value

Use of recyclable paper paper packaging materials. Printed using eco-friendly soy ink. Providing activities and donations within the community.

ROUND LAB is not just making cosmetics, but is taking important steps to make our world more beautiful.

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