We value harmony with all life on Earth

From selecting ingredients to manufacturing, designing, and implementing brand activities, we pursue practices that support the wellness of the nature, body and mind.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty doesn't refer to the products only. It also encompasses the practice of transparency and sustainability. All Beplain products are cruelty-free. We have a strict criteria when selecting our ingredients and label all ingredients transparently. There are no animal testing involved in the making of our products.


We believe being stress free is the best practice for healthy skin care. All Beplain products are artificial fragrance free. Synthetic fragrances tire your mind and can be toxic. Instead, we use plant based ingredients, such as Chamomile flower, Mung bean, and Artemisia that have therapeutic properties to help calm your mind and effectively care for your skin.


We think of what goes on your skin and what goes down the drain and trash. Our box packaging are biodegradable and made from recycled materials. They are 100% sugar cane fiber. Instead of adding waste we took action to make the best out of what was left. The bottles and tubes are recyclable and the labels are easily removable for waste sorting.

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