Just as healthy plants grow from robust roots, the beauty glows from your inner green.

Cruelty Free

We completely avoid animal testing practices. PURITO takes a major step forward in animal care by donating a portion of the profits to the Best Friend Animal Society.


Most of our formulas are vegan. We do not use any animal derivatives, of any kind in our products. This includes animal by-products like honey and beeswax.

Smart Ingredients

We make sure to create products with only the most effective, necessary raw ingredients, all of which have passed the safety measures of our own research lab. We make sure our products don’t contain components that can irritate sensitive skin.

Earth Conscious

Little but significant steps towards sustainability. Most of our products are packaged in recycled materials and recyclable packaging. Also, we consider lots of things when sourcing the ingredients in our products. We achieve this by thinking and acting sustainably wherever possible.