Pyunkang Yul is a skincare brand that carries over 46 years tradition of know-how of Pynkang Yul and harvests only the bare, essential, natural ingredients, carefully formulated to help your skin rediscover youth. Our mission is to let your skin rest, allowing you to enjoy both health and beauty.


Comfortable soothing skin care line for sensitive skin. Through carefully selected ingredients found in nature and rigorous testing, it helps to calm angry skin comfortably.

ATO Line

A skincare line for sensitive and baby skin. The natural ingredients such as Honeysuckle Flower Extract provide strong vitality without irritation and can be used by whole family comfortably.


A professional soothing skincare line for sensitive and acne-prone skin. The main ingredient, Willow Bark Extract, soothes the sensitive areas and moisturizes the irritated skin.