MAMONDE Pore Shrinker Bakuchiol Retinol Cream 60ml

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PORE SHRINKER Helps minimize the appearance of pores with a cream

The #1 Helps minimize the appearance of pores Cream is now even stronger

Substantial shrinking effect

for any type of pores with 30x* stronger bakuchiol

NEW Mamonde Pore Shrinker Bakuchiol Cream

Pore Shrinker Bakuchiol Cream

Enlarging due to excess sebum Early-phase

Sagging from loss of elasticity Deepening vertical pores

Increasing due to heat, UV rays and dryness Potential inner pores

1 Clinically verified and powerful Pore shrinking effect

Tightening pores and firming skin overall

2 Big different in ingredients Hyper-Flora

Mamonde’s skincare solution to generate synergetic benefits from the combinationof floral actives and boosters.

3 Extracted from bakuchi seeds Bakuchiol, the retinol discovered from nature

A retinol cream safe for daytime use!

The formula is safe enough to use during the day by pairing retinol with bakuchiol, an ingredient that is not photosensitive thus suitable for sensitive skin!

Perfect for these customers!

  • Those worried about enlarging pores.
  • Those worried about sagging pores.
  • Those whose pores are increasingly visible on nose wings and the butterfly zone.
  • Those whose skin shines due to excess sebum.
  • Those who want to use a retinol product safe enough for daily use.
  • Those who are hesitant to using a retinol product due to possible irritation.
  • Those who tried a retinol product before only to fail. 


Bakuchiol is a retinol-like efficacy extracted from Bogolji seeds used in Ayurveda medicine in India, and is attracting attention as a next-generation natural retinol substitute and functions as an antioxidant.


Through continuous research on retinol skin suitability, pure retinol from Germany is mixed with other ingredients without encapsulation to achieve elasticity.


Hypoallergenic retinol moisture elastic cream that solves aging signs in the golden ratio of retinol-like effective bacuchiol and pure retinol.

How to use

In the morning, evening, and cream use stages, remove an appropriate amount and gently spread it all over the face along the skin texture.


Pore tightening Essential ingredients only!

Pore care/Firming/Moisturizing


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